Serie of round table debates and workshops

On this page you find information about the different debates and workshops that have taken place within the project.

You can see results and conclusions of debates either in text, audio or video format.

United States of Europe offers different forms of reflexion and ideas on the themes of European identity, citizenship and today’s Europe. In the exhibition artworks are confronted with interviews from our sociological study, a multimedia laboratory presents them and offer visitors the possibility to interact. The debates are an important complement and give further space for communication and search for solutions and strategies.

  • May152013

    Brussels, Belgium

    Europe, the politicians and the people – confidence and commitment today?

    A debate about commitment and participation in politics and about the functioning of the EU.

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  • March082013


    Round table: Dreams of Freedom?

    Conversations on Aesthetics, Ethics & European Democracies.

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  • February132013

    Paris, France

    What interactions and synergies can be produced between young people from politics and art?

    A meeting between students from Master Affaires Européennes, Paris Sorbonne and ICART, L’école des métiers de la culture et du commerce de l’art

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  • February092013

    Paris, France

    Interaction in the public space: Gare du Nord

    Games and interviews with passers-by

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  • February062013

    Paris, France

    Can art help to create a European community?

    A round table debate about art’s impact on the society and the political discourse

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  • December102012

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Active Citizenship through Culture

    Boost the value of culture projects.

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  • November152011

    Łódź, Poland

    Europeaness in a biographical experience and the importance of voices of ‘the many’ from a bottom up perspective.

    A debate focused on the sociological aspect of the U.S.E interviews/study.

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