Anna Konik

In the Middle of the Way

Anna Konik

In the Middle of the Way (work in progress, 2001-2007)

7-channel video installation, loop


Thaddeus: Warsaw 2001, 09:57 minutes

Hermann: Berlin 2002, 09:27 minutes

Svetlana: Moscow 2005, 14:42 minutes

Gerald: Youghal 2006, 10:28 minutes

Hans-Dieter/ Augustin Story: Vienna 2006, 13:11minutes

Jenny and Pele, Zurich 2007, 10:13 minutes

Anna: Dobrodzien – Warsaw – Berlin 2005, 06:51 minutes

In the 7-channel video installation Anna Konik presents a very personal reflection on life of several people living in different cities (among others Berlin, Cork, Vienna, Warsaw), people homeless, marginalized, but in the same time full of dignity. The artist follows them in their everyday life activities, giving them a chance to present themselves in very different ways.  At the same time, Anna Konik reflects on her own way of living, in a nomadic way, which was developed between three cities and two countries (Dobrodzien and Warsaw in Poland and Berlin in Germany). The issue of home and its role in the process of forming the identity is in the very focus.

The mobility of Tadeusz, Herman, Svetlana, Gerard, Hans-Dieter, Jana & Pele and Anna opens up a dialogue in which geographical boundaries and nationalities are not important. Instead, their individual stories, experiences and dreams build their unique identity and confirm their differentness in a world where nationalities are fluid. Every person I met dreams of a better life, of respect and freedom, they are all trying to find their way in the new reality of the EU”.

Anna Konik

Konik makes video installations, and her practice combines video semi-documentary, installation, performance, and sculpture. She has been exhibiting widely and internationally since 2000.

My european story

Every person I met dreams of better life, of respect and freedom, they all try to find their way in the new reality of EU.

When I left Dobrodzien - my birthplace - in 1995, and then Warsaw in 2000 I was convinced that I will be back in a short while. I left the world of the Iron Curtain behind me to experience what everyone in Poland dreamt about - living a normal life and being normal. However since the year 2000 I'm in a state of constant travel between: Berlin, Warsaw, Dobrodzien. Vienna, Bielefeld, Cork, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Stockholm... Dobrodzien remained in the same spot in southern Poland, between Opole and Czestochowa. Its name comes from the German expression "Gutten Tag", which means "Dzień dobry". As if in a lens, all problems of global Europe are focused here in macro-scale: unemployment, loneliness, otherness, class differences, incomprehension, rejection, language, culture and historic differences... but also dreams of a better life, which we all share, constantly, regardless of where we are now.

And I'm still looking for my place, I'm still on a travel...