April 18 - May 26 2013

  • De Markten – Oude Graanmarkt 5 / Vieux Marché aux Grains, 1000 Brussels
  • Tour&Taxis – Havelaan 86c / Avenue du Port, 1000 Brussels
  • Goethe-Institut – Belliardstraat 58 / Rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels
  • Carrefour de l'Europe/ Europakruispunt – 1000 Brussels

Images from the exhibition

Detailed program during the U.S.E exhibition

Thursday the 18th of April
Carrefour de l’Europe
De Markten


Wednesday the 15th of May at 6.30 pm


Europe, the politicians and the people: confidence and commitment?

De Markten, De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5 / Vieux Marché aux Grains 5, 1000 Brussels

The debate video is now online, click here to see it

The debate also continues on







Exhibition duration Brussels Belgium



Opening hours:

De Markten
Tuesday – Sunday, 12 am – 6 pm

Monday – Sunday, 6 am – 11 pm

Le Carrefour de l’Europe/Europakruispunt (24h, public space)

Monday- Friday 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 12 am

The Goethe-Institut closes on the following dates during the exhibition period: 1st, 9th, 10th and the 20th of May. 


Placement of the different artworks:

De Markten

Anna Konik (PL), Artur Zmijewski (PL), Gerda Lampalzer (AT), Maria Lusitano Santos (PT), Anu Pennanen (FI), Apostolis Polymeris (BE), Kennedy Browne (artist duo, IE), Nadia Berriche (BE) and Johan Van Geluwe (BE).


Kaarina Kaikkonen (FI), Luchezar Boyadjiev (BG), Kyriaki Costa (CY), Tanja Muravskaja (ET)

Le Carrefour de l’Europe/Europakruispunt

Kaarina Kaikkonen (FI)


Deimantas Narkevicius (LT), REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT (artist duo, DE), Jean-Charles Hue (FR)


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